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Slab track systems are not only an innovative trend they are also widely known for their long life-cycle, high reliability and low maintenance costs. LVT, the booted single block system designed by our sister company Sonneville, with its proven advantages meets these requirements perfectly. With the competitive slab track system LVT Vigier Rail is interested in being your well-known partner for slab track projects all over Europe.

The LVT-System and its advantages

Both in the design of the LVT supports and in the choice of rail fastenings, the LVT-System can fully meet the customer’s requirements. The elastic components of the system are matched to each other on a project-specific basis and provide the characteristic properties of dual-level elasticity. Thus, influences in the low as well as in the higher frequency range are reduced to a minimum. All variants of the LVT-System offer highly efficient vibration attenuation.

Additional benefits:

• highest system flexibility

• efficient installation

• very high track accuracy

• long-lasting system components

• easy access to all components, if necessary

• high electrical insulation effect

• best aerodynamic properties

• flexible arrangement of track drainage, also in the track axis

• installations also possible in the centre of the track


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